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Do you have 7 years or more of Java Experience?

Would you like to work in the US with clients like:

With an exciting team!!!

How does it work?


interview and proposal

Contact one of our recruiters and she will schedule a technical interview. Based on your skill level we will make you an economic proposal for work in the USA.


work permit

we will file for your work permit so you can legally work in the USA.


get a project

We will connect you with those of our clients who have a need similar to your profile. We will help you in every step of the way because your success is our success!!!


  1. 8 Years or more of total experience

  2. 7 years or more of your core technology (Java, Salesforce, ServiceNow or .NET) 

  3. Título and Cedula 

  4. Intermediate or above English level

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