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Since the early 90s, Outsourcing services (in particular IT and BPO) has been a common practice by well-known companies in the US. This brought not only lower cost talent, but created a pool of available skilled people that wasn't there before.

However, leveraging talent from the opposite side of the planet had important disadvantages that, as time went by just grew stronger, such as:

  • Lower productivity from working late hours.

  • Higher attrition from burned-out talent.

  • Complications in communication derived from having different schedules.

  • Difficulty and high cost of traveling to meet the remote teams.

Then there is NearShore

NearShore is the model in which a partner delivers services from a nearby location, creating enormous advantages in terms of communication, travel, productivity, talent retention and more.

Some of the key benefits of NearShore are:

Same Time-Zone 

Working on the same time-zone as the remote team makes communication SO MUCH EASIER! You can contact your teammates at any point in time during your DAY.

Also, people are much more happy and productive when they work during the DAYTIME.


Being geographically close to the remote team members, makes it easy to get together for planning, working and even bonding.

It makes it also much more affordable!

Cultural Affinity

Being able to talk to someone that is culturally closer to you is not only good for conversations about sports or entertainment, it also makes work also much easier.

The US, Mexico and Canada share a common set of values and culture that also translates to work. 

International Agreements

The US, Canada and Mexico have several legal and trade agreements beyond USMCA.  For example, Intellectual Property is recognized among the three countries.

These agreements make also travel and visa requirements so much easier!

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